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Air Conditioning

Heating and A/C systems will break overtime with usage, and hose pipes can clog and drip if not serviced, causing reduced efficiency heating and cooling capabilities. Regular maintenance will keep your AC system operating at peak performance!

Brake Repair

Make sure your brakes are working properly with a brake system check every 12 months, every 15,000 miles or based on the vehicle manufacturer's recommended service interval that matches your vehicle's operating conditions and your driving habits.

Electrical Systems

If you are having problems starting your car or truck and your troubleshooting has ruled out the battery or starter, then the culprit may very well be the vehicle's electrical system. This system controls many of the vital electrical circuits in your vehicle.

Engine Diagnostics

Today's vehicles are manufactured with complex interrelated systems. If a warning light comes on, it's because the computer has sensed a signal from one of the systems or components that has gone outside of its normal operating range and needs attention.

Exhaust Systems

When it comes to exhaust systems, appearance and function are both equally important for some. Your exhaust system is mounted to the bottom of your vehicle, so it takes a lot of abuse from potholes and rough roads. Your exhaust system stands a lot.

Fuel Injection

Your vehicle's fuel system's repair and service needs are determined by several factors that contribute to its wear and tear. Symptoms that you may be experiencing problems with your fuel system may include poor fuel economy or the vehicle not starting.

Heating and Cooling

The air conditioning unit in your vehicle, and your refrigerator at home, operate similarly. Your vehicle's air conditioning unit is designed to move hot or cold air from the inside of your car to outside of it, depending on which system youre currently using.


Just like anything else, your vehicle has parts that have a life expectancy. These parts and their life expectancy are shown in your owner's manual with specific manufacturer benchmarks, about every 30,000 miles.

Radiator Repair and Replacement

If you want your engine to perform well and last for a long time, you must service your radiator on a regular basis. Also, you need to repair any radiator related issues it might have, such as leaky hoses and a broken thermostat. Ignoring these can ruin your car!

Steering and Suspension

When it comes to absorbing the shocks of the road, your vehicle suspension handles most of the abuse. Your shock absorbers handle the abuse caused by the rebound of the coil or leaf springs. Both offer stability and comfort while driving on tough roads.

Schedule Auto Repair

Properly repairing your vehicle determines the length of its life. You can extend it when you properly repair any issues that might arise. Regularly inspecting and repairing your vehicle guarantees that you get the most out of every dollar you spent buying it.